Korean Drama Review: Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun tells the love story of Captain Yoo Shi Jin, a soldier, and Kang Mo Yeon, a doctor.

Descendants of the Sun was a huge success. When it aired last 2016, everyone I know was talking about it. During it’s airing, it seemed like it was the only thing people were talking about. To be honest, I only decided to watch it more than a year after it has aired. I like to watch famous dramas when it’s popularity has cooled down. Furthermore, with Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s engagement announcement, I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer.

I have to admit that Descendants of the Sun is not as great as I thought it would but I really loved Descendants of the Sun nonetheless. The plot was indeed interesting. Can a soldier and a doctor make it work? I think the plot revolves around this question, at least in the perspective of Doctor Kang Mo Yeon. Throughout the drama, she was very hesitant on dating a soldier because it would really be difficult to be with a man who can one day not come back from work. It’s really interesting but I don’t believe this drama is successful because of it’s plot. I think the strength of this drama is its unpredictability. That time when Yoo Shi Jin told Kang Mo Yeon to save the patient and pulls out his gun. What a shock! Totally didn’t expect that. And when he asked about what he should with the kiss, should he apologize or should he confess? Who would expect that? Swoon-worthy! That is why I think the shock factor is the best quality of this drama. The shock factor kept the viewers interested and hooked them.

The best decision the people behind this drama made is casting Song Joong Ki as Yoo Shi Jin. The charm of this man is undeniable. This drama has lots of moments when delivery is the key just like that “should I apologize or confess” line. These kinds of lines heavily relies on the skill and charm of the actor. Song Joong Ki is very successful in giving us the feels.

Overall, the drama is far from perfect but still, you can’t help but love it!


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