Thoughts on The Bride of the Water God (Episodes 5-8)

I recently shared my thoughts on the first four episodes on The Bride of the Water God here.  I shared my thoughts on how the drama failed to really engage my interest in the first four episodes. Nonetheless, I believed that the drama has potential and it was too early to judge the drama based on the first four episodes so I continued watching the drama.

I am glad that I continued watching the drama because things started to get interesting from Episode 5. The plot thickens and the drama gets exciting. So far, I love how the story is going. I’m starting to think that the plot is really well-planned. I like how the plot progresses.

I also like how the characters are evolving. I loved it when there’s more to the character than our first impressions. I was quite annoyed with Yoon So Ah in the first few episodes but when her past was shown, I can’t help but sympathize with her. We also get to see a more carefree side to her which makes me think there’s really more to this character. The character of Habaek has developed as well though there’s still consistency. Even when Habaek starts caring for So Ah, he’s still the right amount of mysterious and aloof. The other deities, Bi Ryeom and Moo Ra are different from my first impressions of them. Bi Ryeom and Moo Ra are more interesting than I initially thought. I like how the events twisted like this. We get to know more about these deities which is one of the exciting things about this drama.

I also love how the relationship between the two leads are evolving. I love how their relationship has no instant love involved, they are slowly getting to know and liking each other. They are starting to care for each other which I really liked.

They were also able to introduce mysteries in these episodes. This is the reason why I love fantasy dramas. I love mysteries and I often love how they unfold. Starting from Episode 5, there are answers but there’s also a new mystery.

Unlike other fantasy dramas like Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea, this drama does not have much romantic comedy feel to it. I feel like even with cute moments, the love story will be more on the melodrama type.

After watching Episode 8, I think this drama is worth checking out. The strength of this drama will be in its mysteries and plot and I really hope that it won’t disappoint.






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