Productivity Tip: Don’t force yourself

There are times when I’m really not motivated to study or do things assigned to me. I’m sure most of us experience this. For some us, we force ourselves to finish the task. I think the reason for this is that most of us think about productivity as just getting things done. That’s not the case for me though. For me, productivity has something to do with the quality of the work done as well.

Being a medical student, I am always overwhelmed with the tasks and readings I have to do. I’ve observed my classmates and they force themselves to read chapters of pathology or whatever it is that we have to read. I do not do that. When I am not motivated to do it, I stop and take a break. I read a chapter of a ficitonal book, I read wordpress blog posts, I go on Facebook… I do things that relax my mind. I don’t force myself to study when I’m not ready.

From what I’ve observed, forcing yourself to read gives you an illusion that you’ve actually learned stuff. However, during quizzes, people realize that they didn’t really understand the chapters they’ve spent hours to read. When I relax my mind, I feel brand new afterwards. My mind will accept the new information better. Aside from being able to memorize and understand things better, I also avoid burnout.

This is just my experience though but it really works for me.


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