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Netflix Originals Review: Marvel’s The Defenders

I am one of those people who were very excited when the Defenders Trailer came out.  I really enjoyed Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I was quite disappointed with Iron Fist though so I’m not really fond of Danny Rand. However, the possibility of seeing these four together brought out a different kind of excitement in me. I haven’t felt this way since the Avengers assembled.

I was really thrilled with the first half of the show. Every encounter is exciting and every fight is just awesome. I also liked the encounters between the defenders especially Jessica making fun of the Daredevil suit. I really loved Elektra in this show too. I was always looking forward for her every move. I know there’s more to her than what it’s shown and I got what I expected from her in the end.

However, the second half sort of disappointed me. Their encounters seemed redundant and the characters became predictable. Also, the merging of the four shows meant that other characters from the show were left in the background. The remarkable characters like Karen, Trish and Malcolm were really underutilized. I can’t blame the show though, with its eight episodes, not much can happen.

Overall, the show was thrilling. I guess I would have loved the show if I don’t love each character. I really think that the Defenders had more potential but it was not able to achieve it.


TV Series Review: 3%

I’ve always seen 3% in Netflix but I’ve only decided to try it recently and it’s probably one of the best decision I’ve ever made.

3% is a Brazilian dystopian thriller set in a future where people are divided into the poverty-stricken Inland and the abundant Offshore. Twenty-year olds from the Inland have a once-in-their-life chance to go and live in the Offshore through the Process. The Process is a series of tests the applicants have to go through to prove their worth and determine if they deserve to live in the Offshore. Only 3% of the applicants pass the Process and succeed in going to the Offshore.

I started watching due to curiosity and I continued watching for the story. Each episode is full of excitement and thrill. Also, you will really wonder and think what the goal of each test really is and what the applicants will do in each test.

Along the way, there are twists like the characters are really not what you thought they are. There is a background of one character per episode so you’ll see their life from the Inland. This show proves that first impressions may be wrong. It’s one of the reasons I like 3%. The characters have so much depth. This show really invested in their characters and story.

And of course, a dystopian story is only as good as the society it focuses on. In 3%, we only get to see the Inland. We get to understand why the applicants strive so hard to pass the process. However, we only know what the applicants know about the Offshore which is close to nothing.  This adds mystery to the show. You keep on watching to know more about this promised land.

For lovers of dystopian worlds, I highly recommend to binge-watch this show next.


Movie Review: Okja

To be honest, at first I thought that this movie would have a typical storyline where the main character gets separated from his/her best friend. This happens in the movie, however, this movie is so much more than that. Okja is a masterpiece.

The movie starts with Lucy Mirando, the new CEO of Mirando corporation, telling the people about a new breed of pigs that are naturally bred. 26 piglets were then sent to different farmers around the world. There’s more though. It’s a competition, the best super pig will be awarded in New York 10 years into the future. Fast forward 10 years after, one of the piglets- Okja- is now huge super pig. We see the close bond between Okja and the girl who raised her, Mija. From all the scenes, it is obvious that they are best friends. However, Mija’s time with Okja is up. Okja is chosen as the best super pig, the winner of the competition, and will now be taken to New York. Of course, Mija will not let this happen. She follows Okja to Seoul and plans to take her back to the mountain. However, taking back Okja from a big company isn’t easy. Good for her, Animal Liberation Front helps her rescue Okja. Unfortunately, the ALF’s mission isn’t as straightforward as that. The ALF needed more from Okja to finally expose the animal abuse happening behind the environment-friendly mask of Lucy Mirando. The ALF’s mission is to install a hidden camera on Okja and send her back to Mirando Corporation.

First of all, this movie, unlike my first impression, is NOT a family movie. I don’t think kids can appreciate the message of this movie, furthermore, I don’t think that kids are ready for the truth and reality this movie aims to tell us. This movie is for those who wants to think and feel.

I believe that these movies are trying to deliver us these messages:

  1. It is shown here how easily we consumers can be lied to. We find out in this movie that Lucy Mirando was lying all along- the super pigs are not naturally bred but are synthesized in the lab. It is shown here that promotions can sound convincing and that these promotions can manipulate us into believing something else.
  2. It is also shown to us the reality behind food production.  Here, we see the reality we all wishes to ignore. It showed us what we do not want to see. Because maybe, if we don’t see it, we can imagine that they don’t happen. But they do. I have to admit that the scenes in the slaughterhouse is very hard to watch. It is very hard to accept that for us to have meat, the animals have to go through that. I really teared up on the last few minutes of the film.

Because of these messages, even when they’re hard to accept and uncomfortable to watch, I loved this movie. I admired this movie’s courage. It is, however, unclear to me what the film’s take on genetically modified organisms. Okja is a GMO and Lucy Mirando lies to the world to keep this truth a secret. She also says something like it’s not her fault the consumers are afraid of GMOs. I guess we can see here the good and the bad about GMO. GMOs, on the right hands, have great potential.

On a lighter note, I really loved that Steven Yeun and Devon Bostick are here. Steven’s character as Glenn in The Walking Dead and Devon’s character as Jasper in The 100 are very complex characters. Their characters here are complex as well and they portrayed them well. That’s another strength this movie has- the complexity of the characters including the villains. I mean, Lucy Mirando, is not evil. She has good intentions for the world but not so good means of achieving it. The characters in this movie has depth, they are coming from something.

Overall, I really liked this movie and highly recommend it to adults. I really hope that this movie can be as meaningful to you as it is for me.