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Korean Drama Review: Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is about Go Eun Chan(Yoon Eun-Hye) who has to pretend that she’s a boy in order to get a job and Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo), her boss who starts to fall for her even when he thinks she’s a boy.

Even if it’s already been ten years after this drama aired, Coffee Prince is still one of the most highly recommended Korean drama which made me very intrigued about this drama. I also remember all the hype this drama received when it first aired a long time ago. With all the love this drama received, I had very high expectations about this drama.

First, I would like to talk about things I liked about this drama. I’ve always liked light-hearted romantic comedy korean dramas. They are very enjoyable to watch and easy on the heart. You’ll find yourself smiling with the characters. I really liked the friendly banters here, it’s quite realistic.

I’m also quite impressed with how Yoon Eun-Hye pulled off playing this tomboy-ish character. Like her character in Goong which is one of my favorite korean dramas, Go Eun-Chan’s character is that of a very cheerful young woman who lights up the room and the lives of people around her. Her character here is very family-oriented as well. Yoon Eun-Hye was adorable but for me, it’s Gong Yoo’s acting that stands out. I can’t describe it either but his acting has a way of moving me. I forget that he’s just acting and I just seen Han Kyul in the screen. For me, he’s one of the best actors out there.

The best part of this drama for me is Lee Sun-Gyun’s Choi Han Seong and Chae Jung-Ahn’s Han Yoo Joo. Even when the characters of Han Kyul and Eun Chan are interesting, it’s Han Seong and Yoo Joo’s relationship I looked forward too. They had a mature relationship with real problems that I rarely see in korean dramas that I’m always looking forward to their every scene. I really rooted for a happy ending for them, even more than the main leads.

Even when I enjoyed the drama and kind of liked it, I’m probably one of the very few people who didn’t love it. I wasn’t able to see the magic that keeps other people hooked in this drama. It took me a long time to actually finish watching because I wasn’t interested in what happens next. I always put off watching the next episode because I don’t really want to start. I guess it has something to do with the pace. This drama is very slow-paced that it was boring for me. I also felt like the supporting characters (the coffee princes) had so much potential that are wasted. I liked them from the start and I really think that these characters could have been utilized more. I also think that the ending was too underwhelming.

Overall, this drama is not one of those that gives me an “I don’t want this drama to end” feeling. I was actually glad that I finally finished it. There were parts that are very lovable but I didn’t see the charm everybody sees. Maybe one day, I’ll try to rewatch and maybe I’ll love it then.


Korean Drama Review: Goblin

Kim Shin (played by Gong Yoo), gifted with immortality as both a reward and punishment, has lived for more than 900 years as a Goblin. He may only die and be at peace in the hands of his fated bride- the only one capable of pulling out the sword that killed him a long time ago. After 900 years of searching for her, he finally found her.

I fell in love with this drama. However, it’s actually not the main plot that made me love Goblin. For me, the main plot is typical- an immortal being waiting for the one fated for him. What made me love the drama are the little moments. I really liked the bromance between the Goblin and Grim Reaper. It was their moments I looked forward to rather than the relationship of the main leads. I actually liked the character of Deok Hwa very much that I cannot imagine the drama without him.

This drama is a combination of funny, intense and heartbreaking. The start of the drama was actually very funny though it’s mixed with intense moments. I actually considered this as a feel-good drama at the beginning. The latter parts are, however, very intense and heartbreaking. I actually wept a few times while watching this drama.

Another thing I loved about this drama is the acting. I actually noticed Gong Yoo’s superb acting in Coffee Prince and Train to Busan before watching this drama. His eyes can tell a thousand stories which made me fully immersed in the drama. I liked Gong Yoo from Episode 1 until the end. It was actually different from Kim Go-Eun as Ji Eun Tak, the Goblin’s bride. I actually didn’t appreciate her much from the start but I was deeply moved by her at the end. I cried with her so much as she cried on that rooftop. I think it’s quite impossible not to be affected with her crying in the last few episodes. Lee Dong Wook as the Grim Reaper was exceptional as well. He was just so perfect for the role. I’ve read somewhere that he had to really work hard because he really wanted the role. We are very fortunate that he was able to get it because he really did a great job. Because of this three people, this drama was unforgettable for me.

Overall, this drama is one of the best there is. It left me deeply heartbroken. I felt really empty inside after watching this drama because I can’t let go of the characters. Even with my heavy heart after it ended, every minute watching it was worth it. I really recommend this to everyone.