My Journal for 2018

Being a medical student, stress is something that’s part of my everyday life. Most of times, I successfully get through the day and accomplish tasks that I needed to do. But sometimes, the stress is really overwhelming that my thoughts become chaotic and I feel like there’s just too much noise. That is why, I chose Focus 2018 journal as my journal/planner for 2018. I … Continue reading My Journal for 2018

Just Thoughts: I am unattached

Sometimes, I think that I am weird because I am unattached. Recently, the administration of the medical school I go to decide to reshuffle the section. So, after a year of studying together, my classmates and I will be separated. It means that we have to go through our first day of second year like it was the first day of medical school. We have … Continue reading Just Thoughts: I am unattached